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Reworking Vocational Education

Policies, Practices and Concepts


Anja Heikkinen and Katrin Kraus

A new political order is transforming the nature of work in advanced industrialised countries. What does this mean for the nexus of education and work? How does it affect the idea of vocation, the reality of lifelong learning, the concept of employability, and the future of vocational education and training?
This volume analyses the foundations of this transformation featuring globalisation and individualisation. It offers an analysis of the shifting terrain of governance and policy and their impact on the field of vocational education. With contributions from scholars located in Europe as well as in Australia and the USA, it provides an understanding of a number of important educational policy topics, including changing social and cultural conditions of labour, migration, an aging populace and the spread of cross-national discourses. Additional chapters tackle the concepts of «employability», «gender», «earning» and «lifelong learning» and examine their relation to policies, practices, theory and research in vocational education.
Contents: Katrin Kraus/Anja Heikkinen: Reworking Vocational Education: Policies, Practices and Concepts - Introduction – Richard D. Lakes: Accountability, Performance Standards and Achievement Outcomes: Characteristics of a New Educational Order in the USA – Manfred Wahle: Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training for German Kindergarten Teachers: Contradictions between Premises and Pretensions – Philipp Gonon: The Internationalization of Vocational Education Reform-Concepts: A Rhetorical Perspective – Peter Kell/Gillian Vogl: Global Immigration, the Labour Market, and Vocational Education and Training in Australia – Matthias Vonken: Past it? The Situation of Older Employees – Françoise F. Laot: Focusing on the Idea of Permanent Education in France in the 1960s and its Progressive Decline – Katrin Kraus/Matthias Vonken: «Being Employable and Competent». Investigating the New Imperative from a Comparative Perspective – Antoni Lindgren: Soft Capitalism and Soft Pedagogy – Anja Heikkinen: Converging Gender in Education and Work? – Katrin Kraus: Re-Theorising (L)earning. The «Earning Schema» as an Area-Specific Model and Situated Concept.