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Milton in France

Christophe Tournu

This volume contains a selection of essays presented at the 8th International Milton Symposium, «Milton, Rights and Liberties», which was held in Grenoble, France, 7-11 June 2005. It was the first time ever that such a major event was organized in France, hence the volume’s title. Moreover, Milton’s writings influenced key figures of the French Revolution.
The essays presented in this volume were written by emerging as well as confirmed Milton scholars from around the world. Topics range from Romanticism (Milton and Wordsworth) to a psychoanalytic reading of Milton, from the iconography of the garden in Paradise Lost to the prosody of Samson Agonistes, from Derridean readings of Milton to Milton’s presence in Brazil and China.
Another volume of essays entitled Milton, Rights and Liberties was published in 2007.
Contents: Hugh Wilson: Milton and Wordsworth: Reflections on «L’Allegro», «Il Penseroso», and «Tintern Abbey» – Jean Pironon: The Five Senses as Origin of Milton’s Poetic Idiom in the University Exercises and the Minor Poems (1626-1637) – Trevor Laurence Jockims: Pastoral Lost and Regained in «Lycidas» – David V. Urban: Talents and Laborers: Parabolic Tension in Milton’s Sonnet 19 – Matthew Jordan: The Bourgeois Utopianism of Milton’s Anti-Prelatical Tracts – James Rovira: Milton’s Ontology of Books and Areopagitica – Antti Tahvanainen: The Role of Rhetoric in the Political Thought of John Milton – Kemmer Anderson: Those Tenured Tyrants: How Milton’s Tenure of Kings and Magistrates Influenced Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence – Danièle Frison : Droits et Libertés dans The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates de John Milton – Yuko Kanakubo Noro: On Milton’s Proposal for a «Communitas Libera» Reconsidered - from Defensio Prima, through The Readie and Easie Way, to Paradise Lost – Georgi Vasilev : Philosophie et figures dualistes dans les pamphlets de John Milton – Matt Dolloff: Urania, Antidote to Tyranny – T. Ross Leasure: Spenser’s Diabolical Orator and Milton’s «Man of Hell» – Martin Dawes: Adam’s Co-creation of Eve: Taking Liberties with Milton’s Ironic God – Virginie Ortega-Tillier : Qualités plastiques de l’évocation poétique & caractéristiques des illustrations du Paradis perdu de Milton – Luis Fernando Ferreira Sá: Notes on a Postcolonial Fall in Milton’s Paradise – Charlotte Clutterbuck: The Sinner’s View of God in the Invocations and Book III of Paradise Lost – Margaret Justice Dean: Martyrdom Reconsidered: Adam’s Profit from Abdiel’s Example – Antonella Piazza: Milton and Galileo: The Astronomical Diet of Paradise Lost – Daniele Borgogni: «Real or Allegoric I Discern Not»: Paradise Regained and the Problem of Representation in Early Modern England – Suvi Mäkelä: «[E]xiled from light»: Beauty, the Senses and Freedom in Samson Agonistes – Sherry Lutz Zivley/Chase Hamblin: The Prosody of Samson Agonistes – Nicole Berry : John Milton, ou l’aigle blessé – Miriam Andrade Mansur: Milton and Derrida: Deconstructing Milton’s Paradise Lost Through a «Darkness Visible» Perspective – Marie-Dominique Garnier: From Dagon to Deleuze and Derrida: Samson Agonistes and Particle Poetics – Luis Fernando Ferreira Sá: Enjoined By Fate: Private and Public Miltons in a Nineteenth-Century Portuguese Play – Chia-Yin Huang: The Miltonic Personality: Milton as a Model of Liberty in China.