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The Basic Experiences and the Development of the Self

Development from the point of view of Functional Psychotherapy

Luciano Rispoli

In today’s world, children’s development is increasingly under threat. Basic experiences (such as joy, tenderness, learning how to love, well-being etc.) which are crucial for healthy development are often deficient or tainted. As a result, more and more children show signs of restlessness, anxiety and relational problems.
This study examines the profound functioning at the root of human life and analyses the characteristics of these functional processes – the forms they present at different stages of development, how they may be supported by adults, what dysfunctions can occur and how such imbalances can be cared for or healed. The individual as a whole is considered in the light of all its Functions: emotional, cognitive, physical and postural.
This text provides numerous case histories, through which the author illustrates various modalities of prevention, cure and therapeutic intervention for children and adolescents. This work is based on the theory that only a truly comprehensive outlook can help us understand what really happens during human development and devise truly effective treatments, avoiding the error of fragmenting the mind and the body, which are seen here as inseparable elements of a unified whole.
Contents: The Development of Knowledge – Functional Psychology – The Development and Integration of the Self – Basic Needs and Experiences of the Self – Basic Experiences in Functional Development – Functional Development in the Various Districts of the Body – Integrated Functional Psychotherapy – Reconstructing the Basic Experiences in Therapy – The Therapeutic Process and its Phases – Manuela: A Clinical Case History – Functional Development in the Prevention of Childhood and Teenage Disorders – Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents.