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Writing Bonds

Irish and Galician Contemporary Women Poets


Manuela Palacios and Laura Lojo Rodriguez

This book focuses on the emergence of women poets from the 1980s to the present in both Ireland and Galicia. Departing from common ground in shared myths and comparable political and social circumstances, each contributor to this volume looks into central aspects of Irish and Galician identity issues, which range from configurations of the nation, nature and feminine paradigms, to the poets’ elaborations on their own literary practice. The comparative approach followed shows both that questions raised in one community can find relevant answers in the other and that reciprocal knowledge helps to disseminate the writers’ work – and the criticism of it – beyond their respective national borders. This collection of essays and interviews also provides both poets and critics with a mutual space in which to voice their concerns, thus bringing down the barrier that is often raised artificially between these two literary activities.
Contents: Manuela Palacios/Laura Lojo: Poetry, Gender and Transnational Bonds: An Introduction – María Jesús Lorenzo-Modia/Cristina Fernández-Méndez: «Longer and Longer Sentences Prove Me Wholly Female»: Medbh McGuckian and Feminism(s) – Manuel Fernández-Rodríguez: Primitive Alchemy: Alienness in Olga Novo – Manuela Palacios: The Course of Nature: An Ecofeminist Reading of Contemporary Irish and Galician Women Poets – María Xesús Nogueira: Dolls, Princesses and Cinderellas: New Feminine Representations in Contemporary Galician Women’s Poetry – Laura Lojo: The Poetics of Motherhood in Contemporary Irish Women’s Verse – Carmen Blanco: Alicia in Galicia: Sex and Place – Mary O’Donnell: Irish Women and Writing: An Overview of the Journey from Imagination into Print, 1980-2008 – Luz Pichel: Pieces of Letters from My Bedroom – Laura Lojo: «Making Sense of Wilderness» through the Written Word: An Interview with Anne Le Marquand Hartigan – María Xesús Nogueira: Most Faithful Stories: An Interview with Luz Pozo-Garza.