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Trade Unionism since 1945: Towards a Global History. Volume 2

The Americas, Asia and Australia


Craig Phelan

This book offers the detailed historical background required for a holistic appreciation of current problems faced and the possibilities for revitalisation. In two volumes it provides introductory overviews of trade union development since the end of World War II in 26 countries from every corner of the globe. Each chapter explains the main contours of trade union growth and development in one country from the pivotal year 1945 to the present. Each chapter assesses the often dynamic expansion of trade unionism in the 1950s and 1960s; the role of trade unionism in the movements for national liberation in the Global South and the erection of social welfare systems in the developed North; the economic shocks that resulted in membership decline and loss of political influence from the late 1970s onward; the economic restructuring and growing labour market diversity of the 1980s and 1990s that undercut the traditional bases of trade union membership; and the historical roots of the contemporary political and economic context in which revitalisation efforts are taking place.
Contents: Craig Phelan: Introduction – Gerard Griffin: Australian Trade Unionism since 1945 – Bill Taylor/Qi Li: The ACFTU’s Changing Role in China’s Tumultuous Social Development – Debashish Bhattacherjee: Trade Unions in India – Michele Ford: Trade Unionism in Independent Indonesia – Toro Shinoda: Japanese Trade Unionism since 1945 – Doowon Suh: The Korean Labour Movement since 1945 – Christopher Leggett: Trade Unionism in Singapore since 1945 – Maurizio Atzeni/Pablo Ghigliani: Trade Unionism in Argentina since 1945: The Limits of Trade Union Reformism – José Ricardo Ramalho: The Role of Trade Unionism in Recent Brazilian History – Charlotte A.B. Yates: Unionism in Canada: Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose – Craig Phelan: Trade Unionism in the United States since 1945.