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Scottish Social Democracy

Progressive Ideas for Public Policy


Michael Keating

Scotland is a country of strong progressive traditions and could be a model for a renewed social democracy. Devolution has given it a chance to show what a small self-governing nation, within a wider British and European Union, can do. Yet the authors of this volume are disappointed by the lack of policy innovation since 1999. In an effort to relaunch the debate, they offer a range of ideas for new thinking and new policies for Scotland of the twenty-first century.
Whether independent or devolved, Scotland faces the same challenge: how to harness the energies of the nation and to combine economic competitiveness with social cohesion.
Contents: Michael Keating: Introduction – David McCrone/Michael Keating: Social Democracy and Scotland – Michael Rosie/Ross Bond: Social Democratic Scotland? – Lindsay Paterson: The Renewal of Social Democratic Educational Thought in Scotland – Richard Freeman: Social Democracy, Uncertainty and Health in Scotland – Lesley McAra: Welfarism in Crisis: Crime Control and Penal Practice in Post-devolution Scotland – Ivan Turok: Urban Policy in Scotland: New Conventional Wisdom, Old Problems? – John McLaren: Improving Scotland’s Prosperity. From Political to Economic Regeneration – Ailsa McKay/Morag Gillespie: Gender Mainstreaming or ‘Mainstreaming Gender’? A Question of Delivering on Gender Equality in the New Scotland – Stephen Maxwell: The Voluntary Sector and Social Democracy in Devolved Scotland – Michael Keating: Public Services: Renewal and Reform – Richard Parry: Public Service Reform and the Efficiency Agenda – Michael Keating: Conclusion. A Scottish Social Democracy?