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Europe and Global Economic Interdependence

Proceedings of a Conference organized by the College of Europe, Bruges, and the Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM), Athens


Léonce Bekemans and Loukas Tsoukalis

The College of Europe in Bruges has a long standing tradition in the organization of important conferences on key questions of the development of European integration. The results of the Conference on «Europe and Global Economic Interdependence» introduce a new collection called «The Bruges Conferences».
The completion of the European internal market, the transition to an economic and monetary union, the conclusion of new EC-EFTA agreements, the search for a new political and economic order in Central and Eastern Europe and the negotiations of the Uruguay Round are the main issues on the political agenda in the early 1990s.
The European Community faces major challenges in an environment which is undergoing rapid transformation. This is certainly true in the fields of trade, finance and money in which Europe's interests and responsibilities as a regional and global economic power will need to be reconciled. This will require some difficult and occasionally painful decisions.
Contents: W. Ungerer: Preface - L. Tsoukalis: Introduction - Klaus F. Zimmermann: Industrial Restructuring, Unemployment and Migration - Patrick A. Messerlin: The Relevance of Trade Policy to Migration Policy - Federico Romero: The Need for a far-sighted Policy Response to Migration - Keith Pavitt/Margaret Sharp: Technology Policy in the 1990s: Old Trends and New Realities - Peter Smith: The Link between Technology and Industry Policies - Christian Stoffaës: High-Tech Industries in France: Between two organizational patterns - Leonard Waverman: Competition Policy in a Globalized World: Conflicts across Borders - William W. Lewis: Corporate Strategies Drive Globalization - Jacques Bourgeois: An Assessment of Global Corporate Strategies - Peter Holmes: Globalization: A Note of Caution - Jacques Pelkmans: Regionalism in World Trade: Vice or Virtue? Zdenek Drábek: Regionalism versus Multilateralism in World Trade: A response to a non-orthodox view - Emil Ems: Multilateralism and European Integration Hand in Hand? - Robert C. Hine: Regional Protectionism in Europe and the GATT System - Jean Dermine: Internationalization of Financial Markets, Efficiency and Stability - Rainer Masera: Is Competition among National Regulators enough? - John S. Flemming: Competition for Resources for Development, the Roles of Markets and International Institutions - Michael Van den Berghe: Assessment of the Role of International Capital Markets - Anthony Boote: Assessing Eastern Europe's Capital Needs? - Luigi Spaventa: Policy Coordination and the Management of Exchange Rates. Maastricht: The End of the «New EMS»? - Horst Ungerer: Contradictions and Paradoxes of the «New EMS» - George Alogoskoufis: The ECU, the International Monetary System and the Management of Exchange Rates - Charles Goodhart: The External Dimension of EMU - Benjamin Cohen: Critical Questions on the Future Role of the ECU - Susan Strange: The Importance of Power Factors in International Monetary Affairs - Horst Ungerer: Assessing some Perspectives - Richard Cooper: International Implications of a European Monetary Uion.