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Canada: Images of a Post/National Society


Gunilla Florby, Mark Shackleton and Katri Suhonen

Has Canada moved beyond the nation state into the world of the post-national? To what extent have fixed notions of Canadian nationhood been replaced by a more global, decentralized sense of identification? Is nationhood (or post-nationhood) best expressed by statelessness and exile or by belonging? Or can Canadian national identity in fact fruitfully coexist with the post-national consciousness? These are some of the issues covered by this volume, issues seen from a range of perspectives – literary, cultural, political and economic. In the literary sphere the national/post-national debate is explored both through canonical writers, such as L. M. Montgomery, Stephen Leacock, and Marie-Claire Blais, and through recent First Nations, Asian-Canadian, African-Canadian, Ukrainian-Canadian and Quebec writing. The political and economic range is equally diverse, covering such topics as immigration policy, multiculturalism, Canadian-American relations, tourist imaginings of the Canadian North, the Canadian city, and Quebec nationalism. The book brings together 27 original articles from international scholars and creative writers, offering both European and Canadian perspectives. Six articles in French focus specifically on the francophone sphere.
The Editors: Gunilla Florby is Professor of English Literature at Gothenburg University, Göteborg, Sweden. Her research interests are Renaissance drama and poetry, postmodernist and postcolonial theory, and contemporary North American writers. Her publications on Canadian fiction include a study of Margaret Laurence and Robert Kroetsch.
Mark Shackleton is currently University Lecturer and Docent at the Department of English, University of Helsinki, and is Director of the University of Helsinki project «Cross-Cultural Contacts: Diaspora Writing in English». He has published widely on postcolonial writing, particularly on Native North American writers.
Katri Suhonen is currently Lecturer at the Département d’études françaises, Concordia University (Montreal). She works on French Canadian contemporary literature and has recently published an essay on masculine identity in Quebec women’s writing. Her current research projects analyse the symbolism of winter in the Quebec novel and the mechanisms of coherence in the prose of Marie-Claire Blais.