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Diasporas, Histories, Geopolitical Spaces

Joseph Pugliese

This book offers a unique mapping of Mediterranean cultures and histories in transnational contexts. A diverse collection of diasporic scholars stage a critical examination of transmediterranean subjects across a broad spectrum of geopolitical spaces that encompasses India, Greece, Palestine, Sudan, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy and Libya. Focusing on the transnational dispersions and heterogeneous embodiments of Mediterranean cultures, this book examines how these cultures, geopolitical spaces and subjects are caught within flows of exchange, contestation and reconfiguration. Working in the interstices of global formations, the essays in this volume proceed to articulate transmediterranean affiliations that challenge the borders and limits of the nation-state.
Contents: Joseph Pugliese: Introduction. Transmediterranean Cultures in Transnational Contexts – Maria Giannacopoulos: Alien Conscription, Australian Sovereignty and the Vietnam War – Lara Palombo: The Drawing of the Sovereign Line – Seren Dalkiran: Giving the Voiceless a Voice. Saving Third World Women Through a Western Lens – Ihab Shalbak: Edward Said and the Palestinian Experience – Noah Bassil: The Construction of the Colonial State in Sudan. Tribe, Region, Race and Colonial Power in Darfur – Joseph Pugliese: Transnational Carceral Archipelagos. Lampedusa and Christmas Island – Gaia Giuliani: Whose Whiteness? Cultural Dis-Locations Between Italy and Australia – Petro Alexiou: Alekos Doukas (1900-1962). A Dis-Located Life in the Shifting Terrain of the Eastern Mediterranean – Ilaria Vanni: Imagining Italians Abroad. The 2008 Italian Political Election Campaign in Australia – Goldie Osuri: Transmediterranean Dispersals. Mazzini, Hindu Nationalism and Sonia Gandhi – Joseph Pugliese: Epilogue.