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The EU, Security and Transatlantic Relations


Finn Laursen

This book examines transatlantic security relations in recent years. The end of the Cold War in the late 1980s brought a change in these relations, but they remain important for Europe’s security. Despite efforts to develop a European security policy within the European Union, the continent still largely depends on the United States for its security, as demonstrated by the NATO involvement to deal with the civil wars in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s.
The lessons from those conflicts had the EU move towards an autonomous defence policy from 1999 and the Lisbon Treaty has recently strengthened what is now called the Common European Defence Policy (CEDP). But this policy is still geared towards ‘soft security’ missions of conflict resolution, peace-making and peace creation.
When it comes to more traditional security operations requiring heavy military involvement, European countries depend on US hardware and software, as we saw in Libya during the Arab Spring. Equally, in the fight against terrorism, transatlantic cooperation is also very important.
This book considers all these issues and presents a strong analysis of the future of transatlantic security relations from the perspective of the EU.
Contents: Finn Laursen: The EU, North America and Shifts in Transatlantic Security Relations – Agnès Nahan/Edward Moxon-Browne: Great Expectations? The Bush Legacy in the Obama Era – Roberto Durán: European Defence, Transatlantic Issues and International Security Cooperation – Veton Latifi: The EU-NATO Relations in the Field of Crisis Management after the EU’s Lisbon Treaty and the New NATO Strategic Concept – Carla Monteleone: Multilateral Security and the Transatlantic Coalition at the UN Security Council – Alasdair Blair: From European to Atlantic Visions. British Foreign Policy, 1997-2010 – Colette Mazzucelli/Oya Dursun-Özkanca: Veto Players Inside and Out. The Future of EU-NATO Security Relations as Explained in a Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis of French and Turkish Grand Strategies – Faton Tony Bislimi: The US and EU Roles in Creating Europe’s Newest State. Kosovo and International State Crafting – Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi: Unfinished Business in Southeast Europe. Debunking the Myths that Underlie US and EU Foreign Policy in Kosovo – Matilka Krow: The National, the Supra-National and the Transatlantic. European Approaches to Iran – Vincent Topping: Arms Trade Ban on China. Implications of the Disagreement in Transatlantic Relations – Toni Haastrup: EU-US Cooperation on Security. The African Case – Annegret Bendiek: At the Limits of the Rule of Law. EU-US Counterterrorism Cooperation – Ruben Zaiotti: Practising Homeland Security Across the Atlantic. Practical Learning and Policy Convergence in Europe and North America.