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American Debates on Central European Union, 1942-1944

Documents of the American State Department


Józef Laptos and Mariusz Misztal

«Fine idea!» was the only response of President F.D. Roosevelt to the Polish Prime Minister Władysław Sikorski’s conception of creating a Central and East European federation presented in 1942. Despite the President’s sweeping statement, the idea of the federation was given serious consideration by the Advisory Committee of the Department of State. The documents from the National Archives in Washington presented here show that the road to a united Europe could have led through the integration of its Eastern part. This study presents new insights into such issues as the American Advisers' opinion on the role of the federation, the situation on the Eastern front, and how this influenced the fate of the federation.
Contents: European Integration 1942-1944 – Central European Federation – American diplomacy – American documents – State Department debates.