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Joseph Wright’s «English Dialect Dictionary» and Beyond

Studies in Late Modern English Dialectology

Manfred Markus, Clive Upton and Reinhard Heuberger

One of the rather neglected fields of Late Modern English studies is English Dialectology. This volume includes sixteen papers based on presentations of the workshop «Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary and Beyond» at the 15th ICEHL in Munich (2008). The book is divided into three sections: The first two refer to the genesis and the structure of the EDD respectively. The third part throws light on other dictionaries, from OED3 to the Bank of Canadian English, and on research related to the Survey of English Dialects. This is the first edition of dialect studies that moves Wright’s remarkable dictionary in the centre of interest, at the same time seeing his contribution to dialectology critically from a modern point of view. Three of the papers are introductions to the book’s sections written by two of the editors. They not only represent the state of the art on Wright’s personal achievement as lexicographer and an in-depth analysis of the EDD’s complex structure, but also include a survey of the development of English dialectology in the early 20th century. The book’s general motivation is to promote the methodological reflection of dialectology in the face of recent corpus linguistics and digitised dictionaries.
Contents: Manfred Markus: Introduction to Part I: The Genesis of Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary Gunnel Melchers: Jakob Jakobsen and Joseph Wright: Two contemporary dialectologists and lexicographers – Joan C. Beal: The contribution of the Rev. Joseph Hunter’s Hallamshire Glossary (1829) to Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary – Daniela Cesiri: The «excluded material» in Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary – Christoph Praxmarer: Joseph Wright’s EDD and the geographical distribution of dialects: A visual approach – Manfred Markus: Introduction to Part II: The structure of Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary – Gabriele Knappe: Folk etymology (antilexicalization) in Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary – Manfred Markus: Diminutives in English standard and dialects: A survey based on Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary – Alexander Onysko: Phrases, combinations and compounds in the English Dialect Dictionary as a source of conceptual metaphors and metonymies in Late Modern English dialects – Reinhard Heuberger: Retrieving pragmatic information in Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary Online: Methods, benefits and problems – Torsten Müller/Vera Stadelmann: From cock-throwing to croquet: Games and sports in Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary – Clive Upton: Introduction to Part III: The Continuation from Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary – Philip Durkin: The English Dialect Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary: A continuing relationship between two dictionaries – Inge Milfull/Sarah Couper: Sourcing Wright: Problems and solutions in the use of EDD citations for the purposes of OED3 – Heinrich Ramisch: Analysing present-tense verb forms in the Survey of English Dialects and the English Dialect Dictionary – Stefan Dollinger: Software from the Bank of Canadian English as an open source tool for the dialectologist: and its features.