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The Trojan Mirror

Middle English Narratives of Troy as Books of Princely Advice


Wladyslaw Witalisz

The book examines four Middle English narratives of the Trojan War as examples of the medieval appropriations of classical history and classical narrative traditions as a discourse related to issues of contemporary politics and morality. The medieval stories of the fall of Troy are viewed as educational texts offering advice on moral and political conduct related in their aims to the genre of the medieval speculum. Four major verse narratives of the history of the Trojan War composed in Middle English at the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century are discussed: the anonymous Gest Hystoriale of the Destruction of Troy, the Laud Troy Book, the Seege of Troye and John Lydgate’s Troy Book.
Contents: Trojan War – Medieval romance – John Lydgate – Gest Hystoriale – Laud Troy Book – Seege of Troye – Speculum – Moral instruction – Books of princely advice – Genre.