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Achievements and Perspectives in SLA of Speech: New Sounds 2010

Volume I


Magdalena Wrembel, Malgorzata Kul and Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kolaczyk

This publication constitutes a selection of papers presented at the 6 th International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech, New Sounds 2010, held in Poznań, Poland. It consists of two volumes, presenting state-of-the-art achievements and perspectives for future research related to the acquisition of second language phonetics and phonology. The key issues include the development of explanatory frameworks of phonological SLA, the expanded scope of domains under investigation, modern methods applied in phonological research, and a new take on the causal variables related to ultimate proficiency in L2 speech. This first volume contains a selection of 27 articles that cover a wide variety of themes including L2 speech perception and production, segmental and prosodic features, as well as factors related to foreign accentedness, individual variability and ultimate achievement in the acquisition of speech.
Contents: Cristina Aliaga-Garcia: Measuring perceptual cue weighting after training: A comparison of auditory vs. articulatory training methods – Walcir Cardoso: Teaching foreign sC onset clusters – Juli Cebrian/Joan C. Mora/Cristina Aliaga-Garcia: Assessing crosslinguistic similarity by means of rated dissimilarity and perceptual assimilation tasks – Eva Cerviño-Povedano/Joan C. Mora: Investigating Catalan-Spanish bilingual EFL learners’ over-reliance on duration: Vowel cue weighting and phonological short-term memory – Dina El-Dakhs: Lexical access in second language speech production: The case of Arabic-English bilinguals – Cheryl Frenck-Mestre/Pauline Peri/Christine Meunier/Robert Espesser: Perceiving non-native vowel contrasts: ERP evidence of the effect of experience – Anastasia Giannakopoulou/Maria Uther/Sari Ylinen: Phonetic cue-weighting in the acquisition of a second language (L2): Evidence from Greek speakers of English – Jian Gong/Martin Cooke/M. Luisa García Lecumberri: Towards a quantitative model of Mandarin Chinese perception of English consonants – Silke Hamann/Paul Boersma/Małgorzata Ćavar: Language-specific differences in the weighting of perceptual cues for labiodentals – Xuliang He/Vincent J. van Heuven/Carlos Gussenhoven: Choosing the optimal pitch accent location in Dutch by Chinese learners and native listeners – Sam Hellmuth: Accent distribution effects in L2 English: Causes and implications – Miyoko Inoue: Phonetic cues used by Swedish speaking learners in perception of Japanese quantity – Susan Jackson/John Archibald: Phonological representations and perception of L2 contrasts – Matthias Jilka/Natalie Lewandowska/Giuseppina Rota: Investigating the concept of talent in phonetic performance – Michal Kubánek/Václav Jonáš Podlipský: Does reliance on top-down cues in L2 speech perception change with growing experience? – Vladimir Kulikov: Features, cues, and syllable structure in the acquisition of Russian palatalization by L2 American learners – Mary O’Brien/Ulrike Gut: Phonological and phonetic realisation of different types of focus in L2 speech – Öner Özçelik: L2 acquisition of sentential stress: Implications for UG – Sandra Schwab/Joaquim Llisterri: The perception of Spanish lexical stress by French speakers: Stress identification and time cost – Geoff Schwartz: Avoiding stop insertion after English /ŋ/ - a representational solution – Helena Spilková/Wim A. van Dommelen: Function words in read and spontaneous speech produced by L2 and L1 speakers – Bruce L. Smith/Rachel Hayes-Harb: Speech production and speech perception by German speakers learning English as a second language – Laura Catharine Smith/Wendy Baker: Acquiring the high vowel contrast in Quebec French: How assibilation helps – Annelie Tuinman/Anne Cutler: L1 knowledge and the perception of casual speech processes in L2 – Ewa Waniek-Klimczak: Aspiration and style: A sociophonetic study of the VOT in Polish learners of English – Magdalena Wrembel/Andrzej Grzybowski: Reinvestigating sound-colour mappings in L1 and L2 vowel perception – Martha Young-Scholten: Development in L2 phonology: Another perspective on age.