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Will Russia Become a Muslim Society?

Hans-Georg Heinrich, Ludmilla Lobova and Alexey Malashenko

With its rapidly growing population of Muslim citizens and migrant workers Russia is claiming its role in the Islamic world. This volume analyzes the complexity of Russian Islam, the conflicts between the conservative clerical institutions and the grass-roots radicals as well as the highly visible Islamization of daily life in some Muslim-inhabited regions. Russia’s experience with «native» Islam, whose roots go back to the Middle Ages, holds lessons for dealing with an evolving European Islam which is no longer based on immigration but is becoming a domestic phenomenon.
Contents: Alexey Malashenko: Islam in Russia: Religion and Politics – E.F. Kisriev: Islamic Movements in the Northern Caucasus and Their Relations with the Authorities – Ruslan Kurbanov: The Clerical Board of Russian Moslems. Contradictions and Developmental Dynamics – Alexander Verkhovski: Muslims, Society and Authorities in Contemporary Russia – Damir Ziniurevich Khaireddinov: Islamic Education in Russia. The History of its Establishment – Ekaterina Khodzhaeva: Muslim Youth Identity: «Ethnic» versus «Practicing» Muslims – Hans-Georg Heinrich/Ludmilla Lobova: Religious Identity in an Open Society: The Case of Chechen Refugees in Austria.