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Slavic Linguistics in a Cognitive Framework

Marcin Grygiel and Laura A. Janda

Cognitive Linguistics offers an enticing possibility to approach time-honored linguistic problems from a new standpoint and view them in a new dimension. Proving this theory, all contributions in this volume are Slavic-oriented and thoroughly grounded in the framework of Cognitive Linguistics. The volume is composed of three thematic sections – grammar, semantics and discourse analysis with applied linguistics – representing fields of interest and simultaneously corresponding to levels of linguistic organization. The book offers studies on completability as an important parameter in the description of the Russian aspect system, application of Langacker’s theory of subjectification to the analysis of Russian perfective, interaction between aspect and modality in Slavic, morphological case architecture in Slovak, Czech dative-marked nominals, Russian instrumental of comparison, affirmation, possessive-locative constructions in Macedonian, lexical semantics, spoken discourse, metaphorical expressions in legal language and lexicography.
Contents: Laura A. Janda: Completability and Russian aspect – Stephen M. Dickey: Subjectification and the Russian perfective – Dagmar Divjak: Predicting aspectual choice in modal constructions: a quest for the Holy Grail? – Christoph Rosenbaum/Wolfgang Schulze: Cognitive morphology and the architecture of case in Slovak – Mirjam Fried: The notion of affectedness in expressing interpersonal functions – Ekaterina Rakhilina/Elena Tribushinina: The Russian instrumental-of-comparison: constructional approach – Marcin Grygiel: Constructional realizations of affirmation in Slavic – Liljana Mitkovska: Possessive locative constructions in Macedonian – Mario Brdar/Rita Brdar-Szabó: Not seeing trees for wood: a case study of metonymy-induced polysemy in Germanic and Slavic languages – Diana Prodanović-Stadnić: Metaphors and metonymies in Serbian proverbs containing names of animals – Agnieszka Będkowska-Kopczyk: Emotions as causes of human behavior in Polish and Slovene – Andrej A. Kibrik: Cognitive discourse analysis: local discourse structure – Piotr Twardzisz: Metaphorical expressions in legal language: evidence from Polish – Danko Šipka: Metaphor validation in polysemous structures: a case study of Serbo-Croatian bilingual dictionaries.