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Retelling the Bible

Literary, Historical, and Social Contexts

Lucie Dolezalová and Tamás Visi

This book presents a collection of case studies of biblical retellings in various contexts. Every section starts with an introduction presenting a brief overview of the field, the issues treated, as well as the nature and directions of contemporary scholarly discourse. After a detailed general introduction defining the Bible itself and the concept of retelling, the notion of Apocrypha is readdressed, particularly analyzing the way they are composed. Then follow the sections Translation and Interpretation from Jerome to the Post-Holocaust period, Preaching and Teaching the Bible in the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment, Biblical Characters as Models in medieval hagiography, Biblical Poetry from Late Antiquity to Bruce Springsteen, and finally the retelling strategies and challenges of Children’s Bibles and a brief treatment of retelling Beyond the Text.
Contents: Lucie Doležalová: Preface – Tamás Visi: Introduction – Péter Tóth: Way Out of the Tunnel? Three Hundred Years of Research on the Apocrypha: A Preliminary Approach – Péter Tóth: Give me another death! The Apocryphal Vision of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane – Sabrina Corbellini: Introduction – Marianne Sághy: The Master and Marcella: Saint Jerome Retells the Bible to Women – Cass Fisher: Reading for Perfection: Theological Reflection and Religious Practice in the Exodus Commentary of Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael – J. Cornelia Linde: Some Observations on Nicola Maniacutia’s «Suffraganeus Bibliothece» – David C. Tollerton: Midrashic Tradition and Innovation in Post-Holocaust Retellings of Job – Cedric Giraud: Introduction – Lydie Ducolomb : Du recit biblique a l’exemplum biblique : le « Liber de exemplis Sacre Scripture » de Nicolas de Hanapes – Sabrina Corbellini: Retelling the Bible in Medieval Italy: The Case of the Italian Gospel Harmonies – Lucie Doležalová: The Dining Room of God: Petrus Comestor’s «Historia Scholastica» and Retelling the Bible as Feasting – Hiram Kümper: The Bible as Universal History. Biblical Narratives in History Teaching from Humanism through the Enlightenment – Monique Goullet: Introduction – David Movrin: «Christiana vita, Christi scriptura»: Retelling the Bible in the «Life of Antony» – Åslaug Ommundsen: Saint Hallvard as the New Tobias: Retelling the Bible in a Local Legend – Greti Dinkova-Bruun: Introduction – Martin Bažil : Les debuts de l’epopee biblique au IVe siecle : les « Quatre livres des Evangiles » de Juvencus et le « Centon virgilien » de Proba – Francesco Stella: A Repressed Beauty: Biblical Poetics and the Legitimization of Poetry in Medieval Culture – Sabine Tiedje: The «Roseum memoriale divinorum Eloquiorum Petri de Rosenheim»: A Bible Summary from the 15th century – Maria Diemling: American Midrash: Biblical Motifs in the Work of Bruce Springsteen – Ruth B. Bottigheimer: Children’s Bibles: An Overview and a History of their Scholarship – Jaqueline du Toit: «Translated and improved»: Retelling the Bible to Children – Kayko Driedger Hesslein: The Supersessionism of Luke’s Child Jesus in the Temple and its Presentation in Children’s Bibles – Tamás Visi: Introduction – Mónica Ann Walker Vadillo: Textual Faithfulness and Artistic Deviation in the Visual Retelling of the Bathsheba Story.