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Mizrekh- Мизрех

Jewish Studies in the Far East. Volume II: Religion – Philosophy – Identity- Иудаика на Дальнем Востоке. Том II: Религия – Философия – Идентичность w

Ber Kotlerman

The second volume of Mizrekh continues with a series dedicated to Jewish research in the Far East – Russia, Japan, China, and other countries of the region. The monographs in English, Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish focus here on the religious-philosophical aspects of the dealings of Jews with the reality in the Far East, as well as issues relating to their identity in out-of-the-ordinary circumstances.
Contents: Ber Boris Kolterman: Non-Imagined Communities – Dov Schwartz: China as International Dateline: The Count of the Days and the Modes of Dispute in Sefer ha-Kuzari – Aaron Demsky: «The Sect that Plucks out the Sinews»: Onomastics as an Identity Marker for Kaifeng Jewry – Jonathan Goldstein: Secular, Jewish, Filipino, and Zionist: From Marranos to «Bagel Boys» – Henry Srebrnik: American Rabbis, Pastors and Jewish Leftists in Support of the Birobidzhan Project in the 1930’s – Xu Xin: A Separate Minority Group without Ethnic Status: The «Descendants of Kaifeng Jews» since 1950 – Ber Boris Kotlerman: The Old Birobidzhan Synagogue and City Planning in the Mid-1980’s: The Last Confrontation – Dan Ben-Canaan: A Continuing Quest for a Peaceful Resting Place: The Relocating Process of the Harbin Jewish Cemetery to Huangshan – Iosif Brener: The «Third Birobidzhan»: An Unrealized Decision about Establishing a Jewish Cemetery in Birobidzhan in 1947 – Dov Israel Fogel: Some Adjudication Principles of the Chief Rabbi of Harbin Aaron Moshe Kisilev according to His Responsa Mishberey Yam – Zohar Amar: «Buddha’s Hand» or The Kashrut-Problem of the «Finger Etrog»: A Chapter from the Life of the Mir Yeshiva in Shanghai (1942) – Hillel Weiss: On the Trail of «A Strip of the Land of Israel» in Japan: Following the Translation of Agnon’s Writings into Japanese – Yosef Rivlin: Casting Lots for Decisions in Questions of Saving a Life – Velvl Chernin: «Grandma Mera’s Old Talit»: Atheism and Judaism in Birobidzhan of the 1960’s according to Heshl Rabinkov’s «Nayshtot» – Tmima Davidovitz: The Analects by Confucius in the Light of the Bible and Rabbinical Thought.