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Transboundary Migration in the Post-Soviet Space

Three Comparative Case Studies

Edited By Nikolai Genov and Tessa Savvidis

The collective monograph contains the results of an empirical project conducted in Armenia and Georgia as well as in Moscow (as the favourite destination of migrants from the South Caucasus) from 2008 to 2010. The book is the first contribution to comparative research in the migration-intense post-Soviet space, and covers the complete cycle before, during and after migration. The survey focused on such relevant issues as national migration profiles including age and gender composition, «brain drain» and «brain waste», return potentials, remittances, child separation, migration perception, and personal experiences in Moscow and other destinations. As results the field studies confirm the international trend of feminization in migration and a high awareness of the ambivalent nature of migration among two cohorts of migrants from Armenia and Georgia in Moscow and six cohorts of returnees in the respective countries of origin.