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Anglicisms in Russian and German Blogs

A Comparative Analysis


Julia Balakina

This investigation examines three languages: English, German and Russian. Nowadays there is an acute awareness of the need to preserve the national language. Therefore, it is vital to find out how English loans are integrated into the systems of German and Russian. Blogs were chosen for this analysis as the loans found in blogs belong to the vocabulary of the user. Moreover, it is almost always possible to glean some personal information about the author of a particular blog, allowing socio-linguistic analysis. The results of the research demonstrate that the Internet language brings German and Russian closer to each other in general, and in the way they treat borrowings in particular. Here we can speak of globalization on the linguistic level.
Contents: Blogs and Bloggers – Borrowings – Anglicisms in Blogs – Graphical and Morphological Integration of Anglicisms – Semantics – Denotative and Connotative Meaning of Anglicisms in Blogs.