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Migration-sensitive Cancer Registration in Europe

Challenges and Potentials


Oliver Razum, Jacob Spallek, Anna Reeske and Melina Arnold

Migration-sensitive monitoring of health is essential in order to assess and react to changing health care needs of culturally diverse groups in Europe. One example is cancer registration, allowing for the ascertainment and analysis of trends in cancer occurrence and survival in good time. This book for the first time presents a detailed overview and methodological discussion of migration-sensitive cancer registration in selected European countries. It describes the current situation on the European level by means of five country reports, written in close collaborations with local experts. It examines the ideas of developing common indicators, standardizing data collection procedures and enhancing networking throughout Europe.
Contents: Cancer registration in Europe – Cancer in migrants – Survey among all European cancer registries – Developing migration-sensitive health indicators in cancer research – Country-specific insights into migration-sensitive cancer registration – Need for standardized data and exchange throughout Europe.