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Images in Language

Metaphors and Metamorphoses


András Benedek and Kristóf Nyíri

Learning and teaching are faced with radically new challenges in today’s rapidly changing world and its deeply transformed communicational environment. We are living in an era of images. Contemporary visual technology – film, video, interactive digital media – is promoting but also demanding a new approach to education: the age of visual learning has begun. This is especially true for tertiary-level education, for it is here that, on the one hand, teachers for the entire school system are trained, and on the other hand, education and research meet. Visual learning is not merely an option, it is a necessary correlate of the way in which science and scholarship today develop.
Contents: András Benedek: Preface – Biljana Radić-Bojanić: Imagery As a Metaphorical Vocabulary Learning Strategy – Franz Dotter/ Marlene Hilzensauer: «SignOnOne»: Visual Language Learning for the Deaf Only or for All Others Also? – Jean-Rémi Lapaire: Visuo-Kinetic Explorations of Grammar – Kristóf Nyíri: Time As a Figure of Thought and As Reality – Zoltán Kövecses: Contextual Images As Visual Metaphors – Mikkel Haaheim: Metaphor Is a Constellation – Petra Aczél: Enchanting Bewilderment: Concerns for Visual Rhetoric – Gabriella Németh: The Visual Rhetorical Figures of the Giant Billboard «ARC» (Face) Exhibition – Anna Szlávi: The Image of Women. A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of Billboards – Ágnes Veszelszki: Image and Self-representation – Gábor Bencsik: The Image As a Historical Source – Zsuzsanna Kondor: «World Picture» and Beyond - Representation Revisited – John Mullarkey: Temple Grandin’s Animal Thoughts: On Non-Human Thinking in Pictures, Films, and Diagrams – Dieter Mersch: Aspects of Visual Epistemology: On the «Logic» of the Iconic.