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Expanding the Gothic Canon

Studies in Literature, Film and New Media


Edited By Anna Kędra-Kardela and Andrzej Sławomir Kowalczyk

This volume offers a survey of analyses of Gothic texts, including literary works, feature films, a TV serial, and video games, with a view to showing the evolution and expansion of the Gothic convention across the ages and the media. The temporal scope of the book is broad: the chapters cover narratives from the early and mid-eighteenth century, predating the birth of the convention in 1764, through Romantic and Victorian novels, to the contemporary manifestations of the Gothic. Primarily designed for graduate and postgraduate students, the book sets out to acquaint them with both the convention and different theoretical approaches. The studies presented here could also prove inspirational for fellow scholars and helpful for university teachers, the book becoming an item on the reading lists in Gothic literature, film and media courses.

«This book is concerned with Gothicism as a cultural category. The chapters discuss extra-canonical works representing uncharted fields within the domain of narrative fiction, film, and video games. The volume comprises original and illuminating studies, opening new vistas to the scholarly research into the Gothic.» (Prof. Joanna Kokot, The Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn, Poland)
«This collection will appeal to anyone – general reader or specialist, student or teacher or scholar – with an interest in the Gothic or even just a casual curiosity about it. The essays will expand readers’ horizons as well as the Gothic canon, demonstrating to anyone who might not already realize it that the exuberantly undead Gothic mode continues both to entertain and to do the essential cultural work of conservation, subversion and recuperation.» (Prof. John M. Krafft, Miami University, Ohio)