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Second Language Pronunciation

Attainment and Assessment


Tanja Angelovska

Drawing upon theoretical and methodological paradigms from speech science and applied linguistics, this study advances our understanding of the factors that constrain attainment and assessment of second language pronunciation. Its innovative aspects are the inclusion of unexplored language combinations and the triangulation of several research instruments. Speech ratings by native speaker judges in combination with interviews suggest that assessment of second language pronunciation entails a broad spectrum of influences. The work contributes to the evidence against a simply construed critical period for phonological development and it reveals insights into the social relativity of accent. Thus, the myth, that the native speaker is a competent rater in all cases and always, is deconstructed.
Contents: Ultimate attainment – Second language pronunciation – Spoken language proficiency – Second language speaking and reading processes – Individual differences in ultimate attainment – Second language speech assessment – Speech perception – Rating competence of the native speaker – Native speakers’ attitudes.