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Poland and Artistic Culture of Western Europe

14 th –20 th Century


Edited By Barbara Przybyszewska-Jarminska and Lech Sokol

In ten studies by Polish authors this book offers an overview of Polish artistic culture and its relation to Western European culture. Thematically, it ranges from fine arts, sculpture and architecture to music, drama and theatre, spanning seven centuries of European artistic culture. While forming an array of topics, it provides a perfect factual introduction into history of art and culture of Eastern and Western Europe for both professionals and readers interested in the humanities. Not only does the book provide historical knowledge, it also helps to understand the peculiar character of Polish culture by triggering the imagination. Absorbing cultural influences from the West, Poland usually tried to integrate these into its own traditions, transferring Western culture further into other parts of Eastern Europe. On other occasions Poland is broadcasting its own culture to the outside world.

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