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Neodarwinism in Organization and Management


Lukasz Sulkowski

The aim of this book is to outline the neoevolutionary paradigm emerging in the social sciences and indicate possibilities for its application in the management sciences. This monograph has an interdisciplinary nature and refers to a theory that has been formed on the basis of various social and natural disciplines, including management, psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology, epistemology and cognitivism. The work is targeted at researchers who specialise in management and other social sciences, and for whom the neoevolutionary paradigm can be a valuable point of reference. This book presents the application of evolutionary issues to the social sciences, and especially to the analysis of issues related to the management sciences. The presented framework of paradigm, methodology and research issues, leads to a proposal to distinguish a new research field called ‘evolutionary management’. The issues of evolutionary management would be by definition interdisciplinary; a combination of organising and management with evolutionary psychology and behavioural economics. The paradigm of evolutionary management would be coherent with the neoevolutionary conception of the description of human behaviour. This requires assumption of numerous postulates related to basing the management sciences on the basic evolutionary theories of human behaviour.