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Carminis Personae – Character in Roman Poetry


Edited By Maria Grazia Iodice and Mariusz Zagorski

This volume contains a collection of papers by an international team of scholars covering the subject of literary character in Roman poetry. The list of authors discussed in the book includes the most prominent poets of Augustan and Imperial period like Horace, Vergil, Propertius, Ovid, Lucan and an epigrammatist of the 6 th century A.D., Maximianus Etruscus. Problems treated vary from theoretical through poetical to historical questions. Different points of view presented in the book give a deep insight into modern discussion on both theory and practice of literary character in ancient Roman literary tradition.
Maria Grazia Iodice is a Professor of Latin Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities of the Sapienza University of Rome. Her research interests are Ovid, Virgil, Cicero and educational problems of the classic. She has held training courses for teachers of secondary schools in Rome and various cities of Italy, as well as an advanced course in distance for the teaching staff and for young graduates titled Teaching the language and Latin culture.
Mariusz Zagórski is a lecturer at the Department of Classics at University of Warsaw. His research interests include Roman poetry, especially epic and elegy, as well as modern literary theory and translation. He has published on Ovid, Cicero, early Christian rhetoric and Neo Latin poetry.