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Nordic Prosody

Proceedings of the XIth Conference, Tartu 2012

Edited By Eva Liina Asu-Garcia Ph.D. and Pärtel Lippus Ph.D.

This volume contains the revised texts of papers given at the Nordic Prosody XI conference that was held at the University of Tartu, Estonia, in August 2012. The 42 contributions deal mainly with the prosody of Scandinavian and Finno-Ugric languages, but also of some other languages spoken within and even beyond the Baltic Sea area. The three languages that receive most attention are Swedish, Finnish and Estonian. The themes cover a wide array of aspects of prosodic research from phonetic and phonological analyses of stress, word accents, quantity, intonation and rhythm to the study of discourse functions of prosody, neurophysiological processing of prosodic features, prosodic transfer in second language acquisition, sign language prosody, and emotional and multimodal facets of prosody.

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