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Art in Motion III

Performing Under Pressure

Adina Mornell

Top performers are typically seen as those experts in their fields with the most confidence, highest powers of concentration, and best training methods. Is this a realistic, comprehensive assessment of the components of artistic and athletic success? Stress situations can create vulnerability to mistakes, even in professionals. Not one strategy is known to consistently shelter humans from the fear of public scrutiny. As long as the factors underlying personal achievement are not sufficiently researched, sub-optimal performance will remain a possibility. An interdisciplinary understanding of human physiology, psychology and behavior can aid the development and implementation of training, motivational, and coping strategies that help performers to achieve their best, even under pressure.
Contents: Ingolf Turban: Personal Reflections on Internal Pressure during Musical Performance – Richard A. Schmidt: Some of my Experiences with «Stage-Fright» – Christopher Mesagno/Adina Mornell/Amelia L. Quinn: Choking Under Pressure in Sport and Music: Exploring the Benefits of Theory Transfer Across Domains – Verena Wagner/Sebastian Altfeld/K. Wolfgang Kallus/Michael Kellmann: The Impact of Stress and Recovery on Performance – Lisa Aufegger/David Wasley/Aaron Williamon: Facing the Music: Investigating the Psychophysiology of Musical Performance – Margaret S. Osborne: Psychological Skills to Support Performance Under Pressure – Andreas C. Lehmann/K. Anders Ericsson: Relating Pianists’ Efficiency in Memorization to Strategy Use and Experience – Gary McPherson: Applying Self-Determination Theory to Unlock and Optimize Musicians’ Performance Potential to Achieve their Personal Best – Costas I. Karageorghis/Jonathan M. Bird: Under Pressure: Music-Related Interventions in High-Performance Domains – Simone Spangler: The Impact of Listening to Music on Musicians’ Wellbeing, Health and Practice.