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The Musical Culture of the Jesuits in Silesia and the Kłodzko County (1581–1776)


Tomasz Jeż

This book studies the Jesuit culture in Silesia and Kłodzko (Glatz) County by focusing on its musical works and traditions. The strategies adopted by the Jesuits achieved notable results in the artistic traditions they cultivated, first of all a creative redefinition of musical culture itself, at various levels of its organization. While allowing music to exert influence on human activity, the Jesuits had to accept that its impact would depend on the peculiarities of local possibilities and conditions. This is why they analysed the qualities of music and its culture-forming potential in such detail and precisely defined its norms and modes of functioning. The impact of music can be observed in the transformations that the cultivation of musical culture brought about in the model of the Order itself, as well as in individuals, communities, and the time and space that defined them.

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