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Inspiring Views from «a' the airts» on Scottish Literatures, Art and Cinema

The First World Congress of Scottish Literatures in Glasgow 2014


Edited By Klaus Peter Müller, Ilka Schwittlinsky and Ron Walker

Where do Scottish literatures, art, and cinema stand today? What and how do Scottish Studies investigate? Creative writers and scholars give answers to these questions and address vital concerns in Scottish, British, and European history from the Union debate and the Enlightenment to Brexit, ethnic questions, and Scottish film. They present new insights on James Macpherson, Robert Burns, John Galt, J. M. Barrie, Walter Scott, James Robertson, war poetry, new Scottish writing, and nature writing. The contributions highlight old and new networking and media as well as the persistent influences of the past on the present, analyzing a wide range of texts, media and art forms with approaches from literary, cultural, media, theatre, history, political, and philosophical studies.

Klaus Peter Müller has been the Chair of English at Mainz University, focusing on British and media studies, translation studies, especially literary and media translation, investigating the links between these fields, narration, our understanding of reality and history, and the cognitive sciences.

Ilka Schwittlinsky is a Lecturer at Mainz University. Her research interests are Scottish literature of the 20th and 21st centuries, national identity and memory.

Ron Walker is a Lecturer in the British Studies Department at the Germersheim faculty of the University of Mainz in Germany. He is a graduate of the universities of Stirling and Edinburgh in Scotland.