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Role of Image in Greek-Turkish Relations

Zuhal Mert Uzuner

This volume evaluates the role of image reconstruction processes in Greek–Turkish relations in the last decades. With contributions from prominent academics from different social science disciplines, it explains various aspects of contemporary image construction processes through educational materials in schools, history books, media, popular culture, cinema, diplomatic and political discourses. The authors explain how images about Self and the Other are reconstructed through different social interaction processes of individuals today and how much the new images differ from the Others offered by nationalist rhetoric of nation states. They analyze the limits of alternative image construction processes in eroding settled national images.

Image of Turks and Turkey – Image of Greeks and Greece – Construction of national ‹Self› and ‹Other› in books for children – Minorities – Imbros and Imbrians – Limits of reconstruction of identity with less stereotypes – Greek diplomats’ perception of Turks as elite perception – Image of Greeks in Turkish cinema – Turkish TV soap operas in Greece – Image of Turkey in Greek foreign policy under SYRIZA-Anel