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Citizen Journalism

Global Perspectives


Stuart Allan and Einar Thorsen

Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives examines the spontaneous actions of ordinary people, caught up in extraordinary events, who felt compelled to adopt the role of a news reporter. This collection of twenty-one original, thought-provoking chapters investigates citizen journalism in the West, including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, as well as its development in a variety of other national contexts around the globe, including Brazil, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Palestine, South Korea, Vietnam, and even Antarctica. It engages with several of the most significant topics for this important area of inquiry from fresh, challenging perspectives. Its aim is to assess the contribution of citizen journalism to crisis reporting, and to encourage new forms of dialogue and debate about how it may be improved in future.
Contents: Stuart Allan/Einar Thorsen: Introduction – Stuart Allan: Histories of Citizen Journalism – Melissa Wall: The Taming of the Warblogs: Citizen Journalism and the War in Iraq – Sophia B. Liu/Leysia Palen/Jeannette Sutton/Amanda L. Hughes/Sarah Vieweg: Citizen Photojournalism during Crisis Events – Farida Vis: Wikinews Reporting of Hurricane Katrina – Prasun Sonwalkar: Citizen Journalism in India: The Politics of Recognition – Heba Zayyan/Cynthia Carter: Human Rights and Wrongs: Blogging News of Everyday Life in Palestine – Joyce Y. M. Nip: Citizen Journalism in China: The Case of the Wenchuan Earthquake – Einar Thorsen: Blogging the Climate Change Crisis from Antarctica – Gholam Khiabany/Annabelle Sreberny: The Iranian Story: What Citizens? What Journalism? – Olga Guedes Bailey: Citizen Journalism and Child Rights in Brazil – Chang Woo Young: OhmyNews: Citizen Journalism in South Korea – An Nguyen: Globalization, Citizen Journalism, and the Nation State: A Vietnamese Perspective – Nico Carpentier/Ludo De Brabander/Bart Cammaerts: Citizen Journalism and the North Belgian Peace March – Lee Salter: Indymedia and the Law: Issues for Citizen Journalism – Ethan Zuckerman: Citizen Media and the Kenyan Electoral Crisis – Axel Bruns/Jason Wilson/Barry Saunders: Citizen Journalism as Social Networking: Reporting the 2007 Australian Federal Election – Tom Fiedler: Crisis Alert: Barack Obama Meets a Citizen Journalist – Stephen D. Reese/Jia Dai: Citizen Journalism in the Global News Arena: China’s New Media Critics – Jane B. Singer/Ian Ashman: User-Generated Content and Journalistic Values – Paul Bradshaw: Wiki Journalism – Mark Deuze: The Future of Citizen Journalism.