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Regenerating the Philosophy of Education

What Happened to Soul?- Introduction by Shirley R. Steinberg


Joe L. Kincheloe and Randall Hewitt

In this volume, Joe L. Kincheloe and Randall Hewitt have gathered an impressive and scholarly group of authors who argue for the continuing importance of the philosophy of education. Reviving the notion that philosophy is an essential foundation in the study and research of education, contributors to this volume directly confront the evisceration of the topic by those who are interested in commercializing learning. Contrary to the current shift away from foundations courses, this volume proves that pre-service teachers need an intense awareness of the subjects that comprise the core of their knowledge. Philosophy of education is central to this concept. Regenerating the Philosophy of Education is an excellent classroom resource, and is essential reading for all undergraduate and graduate students in schools of education.
Contents: Randall Hewitt: A Preface – Shirley R. Steinberg: The Philosophical Soul: Where Did It Come From? Where Did It Go? – Dennis Carlson: Eyes of the Education Faculty: Derrida, Philosophy, and Teacher Education in the Postmodern University – Robert V. Bullough, Jr./Craig Kridel: Lost Soul: The Eradication of Philosophy from Colleges of Education – Paul Theobald/Clifton S. Tanabe: «It’s Just the Way Things Are:» The Lamentable Erosion of Philosophy in Teacher Education – P. L. Thomas/Ed Weichel: The Practitioner Has No Clothes: Resisting Practice Divorced from Philosophy in Teacher Education and the Classroom – David Kennedy: After Socrates: Community of Philosophical Inquiry and the New World Order – John E. Petrovic/Aaron M. Kunz: (Re)placing: Foundations in Education: Politics of Survival in Conservative Times – James H. Adams/Natalie G. Adams: Vocational Education and the Continuing Struggle for Critical Democratic Pedagogy – George J. Sefa Dei/Marlon Simmons: Indigenous Knowledge and the Challege for Rethinking Conventional Educational Philosophy: A Ghanaian Case Study – Clar Doyle/John Hoben: No Room for Wonder – Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon: Philosophy Applied to Education, Revisited – Craig A. Cunningham: Cultivating Unique Potential in Schools: Revisioning Democratic Teacher Education – David A. Granger/Jane Fowler Morse: Pluralism and Praxis: Philosophy of Education for Teachers – Susan Schramm-Pate: Taking Teacher Education into Alien Terrain: The Future of Educational Theorizing – Greg Seals: On the Importance of Philosophy to the Study of Teachers – Douglas J. Simpson/Lee S. Duemer: Philosophy of Education: Looking Back to the Crossroads and Forward to the Possibilities – William B. Stanley: Education, Philosophy, and the Cultivation of Humanity – Joe L. Kincheloe: A Critical Complex Epistemology of Practice – Joe L. Kincheloe: Appendix 1: The Southern Epistemology – Joe L. Kincheloe: Appendix 2: Soul.