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Sexual Sports Rhetoric: Historical and Media Contexts of Violence

Historical and Media Contexts of Violence

Linda K. Fuller

Sexual Sports Rhetoric: Historical and Media Contexts of Violence deals with controversies surrounding the notion of sport violence added to the equation of gender and language. Topics discussed range from hooliganism, spousal abuse, and racial and/or gender orientation issues to literary, televised, filmic and photographic (pornographic?) images of sports violence. The sports represented include ice hockey, stock car racing, football, body building, baseball, boxing, rugby, wrestling, and pool.
Contents: Linda K. Fuller: Introduction – Michael Atkinson: It’s Still Part of the Game: Violence and Masculinity in Canadian Ice Hockey – Margery Holman/Victoria Paraschak/Patricia Weir/Richard Moriarty: Representations of Sport Violence and Spousal Abuse – Michael A. Robidoux/Jochen G. Bocksnick: Playing beyond the Glass: How Parents Support Violence in Minor Hockey – Ellen J. Staurowsky: Reflections on Sport, Masculinity, and Nationalism in the Aftermath of 9/11 – David «Turbo» Thompson: Hot Wheels and High Heels: Gender Roles in Stock Car Racing – John Mark Dempsey: All-skates, Witch Wool, and a Blouse Full of Lungs: Dan Jenkins’ Use of Masculine Sexual Language – Anne E. Price: Football Hooliganism: A Rhetoric of Frustration and Honor – Robert Sirabian: Gender, Cross-dressing, and Sport in Lewis Nordan’s The All-Girl Football Team – Gina Daddario: Media, Masculinity, and The World’s Strongest Man: Exploring Postmodern Sports Programming – Joy Crissey Honea: Xclusion at the Winter X Games: The Marginalization of Women Athletes in Alternative Sport – Maureen Margaret Smith: The Jim Rome Show and Negotiations of Manhood: Surviving in «The Jungle» – Megan Chawansky: Put Me in, Ms. Coach: Sexual Rhetoric in the Locker Room – Linda K. Fuller: Foul Language: A Feminist Perspective on (American) Football Film Rhetoric – C. Richard King: Hail to the Chiefs: Race, Gender, and Native American Sports Mascots – Debra Merskin: Powerful or Pornographic? Photographs of Female Bodybuilders in Muscle & Fitness Magazine – John P. Elia/Jon B. Martin/Gust A. Yep: Off His Rocker: Masculinity and the Rhetoric of Violence in America’s Favorite Pastime – Shura Alexandra Gat: Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma’am!: The Rhetoric Surrounding Female Professional Boxers – Jessica Hudson: Women Playing Rugby: Rejection of «The Girly» by Girls – Erin Reilly: All Bust and No Balls: Gender, Language, and Pool – Theresa A. Walton: Media Grappling with Female Success on the Mat: Tricia Saunders, Multiple-World Freestyle Wrestling Champion.