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Fanon and Education

Thinking Through Pedagogical Possibilities


George J. Sefa Dei and Marlon Simmons

Fanon and Education: Thinking Through Pedagogical Possibilities challenges conventional education to go beyond the formal procedures of schooling to engage in the making of multiple meanings of our world. Understanding education requires a holistic approach that extends beyond contemporary classrooms. Education must also be inclusive, addressing questions of difference, diversity, and power, as conceptualized through the lens of class, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, religion, language, and indigeneity. These issues are thought of in the context of Fanon’s oeuvre, to articulate a social theory and progressive educational politics that can help us understand difference as political, as well as, dominant schooling, as a form of internalized oppression, that works differently on myriad bodies. Fanon and Education will have a broad appeal to readers who want to engage Fanon’s ideas in the schooling and educational politics of change and transformation. It should be read by all students, teachers, educational practitioners, community activists and researchers. This book will have a particular appeal for educators in teacher training colleges, as well as for graduate instruction in university departments of education, social work, and sociology.
Contents: Carl Grant: Foreword – George J. Sefa Dei/Marlon Simmons: The Pedagogy of Fanon: An Introduction – George J. Sefa Dei: Rereading Fanon for His Pedagogy and Implications for Schooling and Education – Camille Logan: Body Politics and the Experience of Blackness within the Field of Education – Katie Aubrecht: Rereading the Ontario Review of the Roots of Youth Violence Report: The Relevance of Fanon for a Critical Disability Studies Perspective – Paul Adjei: Resistance to Amputation: Discomforting Truth about Colonial Education in Ghana – Donna Outerbridge: The Fact of Blackness: A Critical Review of Bermuda’s Colonial Education System – Rory Crath: Reading Fanon in «Homosexual Territory»: Towards the Queering of a Queer Pedagogy – Francisco J. Villegas: Strategic In/Visibility and Undocumented Migrants – Marlon Simmons: Concerning Modernity, the Caribbean Diaspora, and Embodied Alienation: Dialoguing with Fanon to Approach an Anticolonial Politic.