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Post-Global Network and Everyday Life


Marina Levina and Grant Kien

Post-Global Network and Everyday Life explores everyday life in the new world order of global network. It argues that network has come into its own as a state of mind and a way of life – in sum, a cultural norm. As a result, it is no longer fitting to examine the network as an external force, but as a somewhat banal aspect of our everyday environment. The essays in this volume provide analyses of case studies that illustrate new – and old – ways in which everyday life is lived within network. Each chapter examines network as an always-already condition – we are the network, and as such are living in a state of post-global network.
Contents: Marina Levina/Grant Kien: Control and Fear in Post- Global Network – Jack Bratich: When Collective Intelligence Agencies Collide: Public vs. Popular Intelligence and Networked Suspicions – James Salvo: Intellectual Inquiry in the Age of the Efficient Network: Not Unpacking the Infinite Library with Walter Benjamin – Ulrike Gretzel: Travel in the Network: Redirected Gazes, Ubiquitous Connections and New Frontiers – Joy Pierce: Membership in the Network: Hardware and Software Development for the Main-Stream Consumer – Radhika Gajjala/Anca Birzescu: Voicing and Placement in Online Networks – Michael Giardina: From Howard Dean to Barack Obama: The Evolution of Politics in the Network Society – Marina Levina: Health 2.0 and Managing «Dividual» Care in the Network – Sean Smith: Sport in the Wires: Abstraction, Integration, Efficiency – James Hay: Television as Everyday Network of Government – Grant Kien: Privacy As Work: The Appropriation of Labor in Post-Global Network.