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The Role of Religion in 21st Century Public Schools


Steven Jones and Eric Sheffield

The fight over the role of religion in public schools is far from finished, and the last and final words have not been written. This collection of original essays reveals and updates the battlefield. Included are essays on school prayer, the evolution/intelligent design debate, public funding of religious groups on university campuses, religious themes in school-taught literature, and more. With diverse tones and points of view, these essays offer quality scholarship while revealing and honoring the heat these themes generate.
Contents: Steven P. Jones: The Role of Religion in 21st-Century Public Schools – Nel Noddings: Understanding Unbelief as Part of Religious Education – Jordan Lorence: Seven Things the Establishment Clause Does Not Require – T. Jeremy Gunn: Religion, Identity, and Morality in Public Schools – Steve Broidy: Metaphysics, Metaphor, and Meaningfulness: How to «Teach the Controversy» in Science Class – Daniel Cohen: College Fraternities and Expressive Association: Discrimination, Diversity, and Education – Susan E. Waters: Prayer in Public Schools: Forming a More Perfect Union? – Craig A. Smith: Thwarting the Court: A Historical Perspective on Efforts to Undermine the Supreme Court’s School Prayer Decisions and the Effects on Religious Minorities – Ryan Kennedy: To Hell and Back: Teaching Faith-Based Literature to the Devout – Craig S. Engelhardt: The Necessary Role of Religion in Civic Education – Andrew N. McKnight: Seeking Spaces for Emotionally Connected Rationality Amongst Dogmatic Belief Systems – Karla J. Smart-Morstad/David P. Morstad, Jr.: Holding Tight with Open Hands - Education at Humlehaveskolen: A Majority Christian Culture and a Minority Muslim Culture Together in a Danish Public School.