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Migrations and the Media


Kerry Moore, Bernhard Gross and Terry Threadgold

Migrations and the Media critically explores the global reporting of «migration crises,» bringing together a range of original interdisciplinary research from the fields of migration studies and journalism, media and cultural studies. Its chapters examine, empirically and theoretically, some of the most important contemporary political, cultural and social issues with which migration is entwined, developing existing and new conceptual understandings of how forced migration and other instances of migration are represented and constructed as «crises» in different international contexts, including within news narratives on human trafficking and smuggling, asylum seeking and humanitarian reporting, «climate refugees,» undocumented and economic migrants, and in election debates and policy making. This edited volume also examines the reporting practices through which migration coverage is produced, including the rights and responsibilities of journalism and the presuppositions and pressures upon journalists working in this area.
Contents: Kerry Moore: Introduction to Migrations and the Media – Lilie Chouliaraki: Between Pity and Irony - Paradigms of Refugee Representation in Humanitarian Discourse – Harald Bauder: Immigration Dialectic in the Media and Crisis as Transformative Moment – Bernhard Gross: Controlled Conditions - an Analysis of the Positioning of Migration during the Prime Ministerial Debates for the 2010 UK General Election – Kerry Moore: «Asylum Crisis», National Security and the Re-articulation of Human Rights – Otto Santa Ana: US Crisis Reporting on Mass Protests and the Depiction of Immigrants in the 40 Years after the Kerner Commission Report – Carol Farbotko: Skilful Seafarers, Oceanic Drifters or Climate Refugees? Pacific People, News Value and the Climate Refugee Crisis – Yan Wu/Xiangqin Zeng/Xiaoying Liu: Chinese Irregular Migration into Europe: Economic Challenges and Opportunities in Media Representation – Jelena Bjelica: Human Trafficking and National Security in Serbia – Xinyi Jiang: Fujianese Migration and the British Press Coverage of the Dover Incident – Bolette Blaagaard: The (Multi)cultural Obligation of Journalism – Julia Bayer: Beyond Culture -Awareness Training for Journalists and Their Potential for the Promotion of Media Diversity – Janet Harris: Reporting Migration - a Journalist’s Reflection on Personal Experience and Academic Critique.