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The Rise of 24-Hour News Television

"Global Perspectives</I>

Stephen Cushion and Justin Lewis

In the thirty years since CNN launched the first 24-hour television news service, an ever-growing army of dedicated channels has arrived on the scene. This groundbreaking edited collection is the first to explore the genre of rolling television news channels. Coverage in and of key regions of the world – including North and South America, Europe, Australia, China, India, and the Middle East – is examined by leading international scholars. The Rise of 24-Hour News Television invites readers to explore the diverse ways in which round-the-clock news channels have reshaped the genre of news and, in a broader sense, the impact they have had on democracy itself.
Contents: Stephen Cushion/Justin Lewis: Introduction: What Is 24-Hour News Television? – Stephen Cushion: Three Phases of 24-Hour News Television – Michael Bromley: «All the World’s a Stage»: 24/7 News, Newspapers, and the Ages of Media – Mughda Rai/Simon Cottle: Global News Revisited: Mapping the Contemporary Landscape of Satellite Television News – Justin Lewis: Democratic or Disposable? 24-Hour News, Consumer Culture, and Built- in Obsolescence – Chris Paterson: The Hidden Role of Television News Agencies: «Going Live» on 24-Hour News Channels – Stephen Cushion: Rolling Service, Market Logic: The Race to Be «Britain’s Most Watched News Channel» – C. A. Tuggle/Peter Casella/Suzanne Huffman: Live, Late- Breaking, and Broken: TV News and the Challenge of Live Reporting in America – John Sugden/Alan Tomlinson: What Beckham Had for Breakfast: The Rolling Menu of 24/7 Sports News – Laura Juntunen: Explaining the Need for Speed: Speed and Competition as Challenges to Journalism Ethics – Mohamed Zayani: The Changing Face of Arab News Media: Ambiguities and Opportunities – Claudia Boyd-Barrett/Oliver Boyd-Barrett: 24/7 News as Counter- Hegemonic Soft Power in Latin America – Muhammad I. Ayish: Morality vs. Politics in the Public Sphere: How the Al Jazeera Satellite Channel Humanized a Bloody Political Conflict in Gaza – Sally Young: Audiences and the Impact of 24-Hour News in Australia and Beyond – Raymond Kuhn: France 24: Too Little, Too Late, Too French? – John Jirik: 24-Hour Television News in the People’s Republic of China – Carsten Reinemann/Nayla Fawzi: The Shrinking News Agenda: How Market Forces Have Shaped 24-Hour Television News Channels in Germany – Nalin Mehta: India Live: Satellites, Politics, and India’s TV News Revolution.