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Envisioning New Technologies in Teacher Practice

Moving Forward, Circling Back using a Teacher Action Research Approach


Teresa Strong-Wilson

How do classroom teachers envision new technologies within their practice? In the conversation on incorporating new technologies into classrooms, teachers are often sidelined. Envisioning New Technologies in Teacher Practice looks at the complex ways in which teachers move forward to embrace change as well as how they circle back, continually revising their practices while subtly resisting change. In addition to examining how teacher identities change over time, the book also reveals how they can be changed. Co-authored by a university research team – four teachers, a principal and LWL’s pedagogical leader – the book discusses the professional development model that emerged and foregrounds how a teacher action research component contributed to teachers’ – and students’ – learning.
Contents: Teresa Strong-Wilson: Teachers, Change and New Technologies – Teresa Strong-Wilson/Bob Thomas: Turning Points in the Professional Development. Model and Methodology – Teresa Strong-Wilson/Dawn Rouse: New Wine in Old Bottles? Remediation, Teacher as Bricoleur, and the Story of Antaeus – Teresa Strong-Wilson/Amy L. Cole: A Room of One’s Own: Exploring the Relationship of Teacher Research to Integration of New Technologies – Teresa Strong-Wilson/Amy L. Cole: Conversation, Blogging and Teacher as Researcher: Building Collegiality and the Project’s Social Memory – Teresa Strong-Wilson/Amy L. Cole: The Teachers’ Case Studies – Teresa Strong-Wilson/Dina Tsoulos/Dawn Rouse: Sea Changes: Digital Storytelling, Turning Points, and Teacher Agency – Bob Thomas/Bonnie Mitchell/Manuela Pasinato/Kelly Ryan/Marie-Claude Tétrault/Penny Bonneville/Teresa Strong-Wilson: Postscript: Keeping the Lights On.