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Educating African American Males

Contexts for Consideration, Possibilities for Practice


Christopher Brown II, T. Elon Dancy II and James Earl Davis

This book’s predecessor, Black Sons to Mothers: Compliments, Critiques, and Challenges for Cultural Workers in Education (Peter Lang, 2000), sparked a decade of meaningful scholarship on the educational experiences and academic outcomes of African American males. Black Sons to Mothers proffered seminal contributions to the academic literature on the achievement gap, differential instruction, and minority schooling, and inspired further research – countless books, articles and reports written since about the educational challenges and successes of African American males directly reference the work.
Educating African American Males: Contexts for Consideration, Possibilities for Practice continues, extends, and advances the research and conversations introduced in Black Sons to Mothers. The chapters in this volume were commissioned by the Alphas in the Academy Committee (AAC) of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. The AAC addresses issues incident to collegiate life, employment in higher education, and postsecondary performance among African American males. This book reflects the fraternity’s unshakable commitment to improving the contexts and outcomes of African American males in educational settings, and identifies important new territory for the next decade of scholarship on this critical topic.
Contents: T. Elon Dancy II: Sociohistorical Contexts of African American Male Education: An Analysis of Race, Class, and Gender – Roland W. Mitchell: Questions from the Soul/Sole: Examining the Critical Work in Educational Practice – George L. Wimberly: Understanding Social Capital and the African American School Experience – James Earl Davis: Negotiating Masculinity in College: African American Males and Academic Engagement – H. Richard Milner IV: A Talk to Teachers about Black Male Students – Mark A. Gooden: Exploring the Property Rights and Liberty Interests of African American Males in Public Schools: Confronting the Denial of Education under the Guise of Maintaining Order – Terrell L. Strayhorn: And Their Own Received Them Not: Black Gay Male Undergraduates’ Experiences with White Racism, Black Homophobia – Robert T. Palmer: Barriers to Persistence for Black Male Collegians at an Historically Black University: An Exploratory Study – Issam Khoury: «It’s a Manhood Thing»: Pledging, Masculinity, and Identity Development in Black Greek Fraternities – M. Christopher Brown II: Slaughtering the Innocents: The (Mis-)Education of African American Males – Timothy K. Eatman: Appendix: Thematic Bibliography on Black Males in Education.