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Educating Outside the Lines

Bard College at Simon’s Rock on a «New Pedagogy» for the Twenty-First Century

Nancy Yanoshak

Founded in 1966, and premised on the idea that motivated sixteen-year-olds are capable of college work, Bard College at Simon’s Rock is an educational «experiment» from the sixties that has endured and prospered. Educating Outside the Lines looks at Simon’s Rock as a pioneer of the early college movement that has begun to reshape the connections between secondary and higher education. Because its curriculum is entirely at the college level, its students handle a challenging B.A. program before having completed the last two years of high school, and may earn their degrees before they are twenty. In this collection, faculty and alumni explore what this unique vantage point can teach about college pedagogy. The book invites educators, parents, and students to re-imagine what college itself could be.
Contents: Mary B. Marcy: Foreword – Nancy Yanoshak: «For Nothing Was Simply One Thing»: An Introduction to Simon’s Rock and to Our Book – John B. Weinstein: Intellectual Warm-Ups: How «Writing and Thinking» Prepares Students for College Study – Rebecca Fiske: Generations Y and Z Drash Alpha and Omega: Young Scholars Encounter Sacred Texts – Laurence D. Wallach: Finding the Bridge: Integrating Music Theory and Composition – Samuel Ruhmkorff: Modeling Plato’s Heaven and God’s Green Earth – Allen B. Altman/John E. Myers: Intelligence and Consciousness, Artificial and Otherwise: An Interdisciplinary Seminar on Gödel, Escher, Bach – Nancy Yanoshak: «So What If You’re a French Major, You Should Totally Be in the Dance Concert»: «Effective Interdisciplinarity» at Simon’s Rock – Gabriel V. Asfar: Arabic at Simon’s Rock: Spanning Two Wars and Counting – Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez: The Politics and Poetics of Global Feminist Alliance, or Why I Teach Such Depressing Books – Joan DelPlato: Visual Learning: Female Students, Women Artists, and Mothers – Wendy Shifrin: The Simon’s Rock Dance Concert: Reflecting, Defining, and Creating Community – Asma Abbas/Nuola Akinde/Noah Appelbaum/Els Baum/Laura Cheung/Brendan Flynn/Dara Levy-Bernstein/Dylan Neely/Anastasia Rodionova/Emanuel Stults: At Home with Uncanny Labors: A Case of Working and Thinking the Social Sciences – Linda Anderson/Anne O’Dwyer: Bringing Our «Best Selves» to the Table: Awakening Critical Compassion in the Classroom – Patricia Sharpe: Early College: What and Why? – Michael Lawrence/Loren L. AliKhan: Early Ever After: Alumni Reflect on Life after Simon’s Rock – Philip Mabry/Chris Coggins: «We Work the Black Seam Together»: Ritual Politics and the Educative Ethic of Tending Delirium – Nancy Yanoshak: Mentors, Centaurs, and Tutors: The Old «New Pedagogy» of Simon’s Rock.