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Integrating Multiculturalism into the Curriculum

From the Liberal Arts to the Sciences


Sandra Mayo and Patricia J. Larke

This reader introduces the Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute, a successful multicultural curriculum transformation paradigm that is a model for colleges and universities across the country and abroad. Section I details the history of the effective implementation of the strategies at a university in Texas over the last seven years with emphasis on goals, pedagogical strategies, institutional support, and faculty recruitment. Section II gives an in-depth look at a sampling of content units presented during the Institute. Section III highlights faculty who attended Institute training and the resulting implementation of the strategies and student feedback; it also showcases a multicultural assessment instrument, a useful tool for determining if a course is multicultural. Section IV presents a variety of transformed courses from six colleges within the university.
Contents: Sandra Mayo: Multicultural Curriculum Transformation at Texas State University-San Marcos – Patricia Larke: Program Evaluation: The Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute – Walter Wright: Managing Communication and Disputes: The Multicultural Classroom – Patricia Larke: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Higher Education: What Professors Need to Know – Ani Yazedjian: Infusing Global Perspectives into the Curriculum – Audrey McKinney: Notes on Infusion and the «Female Voice»: A Philosopher’s Unfinished Journey – Christine Norton/Raphael Travis/Catherine Hawkins/Mary Tijerina: Multiculturalism in Social Work Education – Andrew Nance/Keila Tyner: Family and Consumer Sciences – Maria De la Colina/Barbara Davis: Multicultural Curriculum Transformation in Two Teacher Education Courses – Emily J. Summers: Making Multiculturalism Overt in an Education Graduate Course – Mary Ellen Cavitt: Integrating Multicultural Education into an Instrumental Music Teacher Preparation Course – Selina Vásquez Mireles/Sonya R. Rahrovi/Fernando Vásquez: Culturally Relevant Mathematics – Stella Silva: The Transformation of University Seminar – Enrique Becerra: International Marketing – Kevin Jetton: E-Commerce – David Nolan: Visual Communication – Kym Fox: Writing for the Mass Media – Richard Hall: Introduction to Fine Arts – Mary Ellen Cavitt: Current Trends in Music II – Heather Galloway: Elementary Physics I – Linette Watkins: Metabolism – Scott Bowman: Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice – Nancy Wilson: Advanced Writing – Gloria Martinez-Ramos: Medical Sociology – Rebecca Montgomery: History of the United States to 1877 – Debra Feakes: University Seminar (for Science Majors).