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Jonathan Edwards as Contemporary

Essays in Honor of Sang Hyun Lee

Don Schweitzer

Jonathan Edwards as Contemporary honors the contribution made by Sang Hyun Lee to Edwards’ scholarship and Christian and philosophical theology with his interpretation of Jonathan Edwards’ thought. It is divided into three parts: chapters examining Edwards’ philosophy, chapters examining his theology, and chapters examining Edwards in the context of his own time, and his contemporary relevance. The contributors comprise an international team that includes many leading Jonathan Edwards scholars.
Contents: Stephen H. Daniel: Edwards’ Occasionalism – Avihu Zakai: The Medieval and Scholastic Dimensions of Edwards’ Philosophy of Nature – Anri Morimoto: The End for Which God Created Jonathan Edwards – Don Schweitzer: Jonathan Edwards’ Understanding of Divine Infinity – Michael J. McClymond: Hearing the Symphony: A Critique of Some Critics of Sang Lee’s and Amy Pauw’s Accounts of Jonathan Edwards’s View of God – Paul Helm: The Human Self and the Divine Trinity – Oliver Crisp: Jonathan Edwards’ Panentheism – Seng-Kong Tan: Trinitarian Action in the Incarnation – Douglas A. Sweeney: Jonathan Edwards and Justification: The Rest of the Story – Amy Plantinga Pauw: Jonathan Edwards’s Ecclesiology – Gerald McDermott: Revelation as Divine Communication Through Reason, Scripture and Tradition – Wilson H. Kimnach: Frightful Inspiration, Sweet Elevation: The Application of Homiletics by Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Mayhew, And Their Successors of the Late Eighteenth Century – Stephen D. Crocco: Jonathan Edwards and Princeton – Kenneth P. Minkema/Harry S. Stout: Jonathan Edwards Studies: The State of the Field – Robert W. Jenson: How I Stole From Jonathan Edwards.