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The Black Professoriat

Negotiating a Habitable Space in the Academy


Sandra Jackson and Richard Greggory Johnson III

Although Black faculty have been present in the academy since the late nineteenth century, it has been during the twentieth century that they have established a presence which has had political, cultural, and epistemological implications. This book focuses on contemporary, successful Black scholars in the academy: they have become tenured and promoted; been recognized as noteworthy scholars, researchers, and as excellent teachers; and have served in leadership capacities. Through autoethnographic narratives that illustrate and interrogate experiences about being in the academy as gendered, race, classed, and sexually oriented others, this book captures the diverse voices of Black men and women achievers who have not only survived, but also thrived. Their candor will inspire others to negotiate normative milieu and make manifest their legitimacy and right to belong.
Contents: Sandra Jackson/Richard Greggory Johnson III: Introduction – Bryant Keith Alexander: Bordered and Bleeding Identities: An Autocritography of Shifting Academic Life – Judy A. Alston: An Ethic of Responsibility: A Black Lesbian Scholar Ponders the Intersection of Racism and Heterosexism in Educational Leadership – Christopher Anne Easley: Developing My Higher Self: My Life as an African American Woman in the Academy – Denise E. Strong/Tammie M. Causey-Konaté/Brenda Burrell: Black Women in the Professoriat: Enlightened, Emancipated and Empowered – Lemuel Watson: No Apologies for Being Myself – Linda Tillman: Sometimes I’ve Felt Like a Motherless Child: Being Black and Female in the Academy – Charmaine A. Nelson: Toppling the «Great White North»: Tales of a Black Female Professor in the Canadian Academy – Richard Greggory Johnson III: Jumping The Broom: The Incompatible Marriage of Higher Education Leadership and Faculty Life – Sandra Jackson: Taking Nothing for Granted: Ruminations of a Black Woman Professor – Frank C. Worrell: From Graduate Student to Full Professor: Navigating the Waters of Two Research One Institutions – Moustapha Diouf: Navigating Through the Complex Web of Identity Politics: Confronting Race in Academia – Marvin Lynn: «Exorcizing Critical Pedagogy» Again: Reflections on Being an Angry Black Man in the Academy – Antonio D. Tillis: Notes of a Black Male Academic Border Crosser: Globalization and the Black Male Body – Marsha J. Tyson Darling: «The Personal Is Always Political»: Reflections on Creating Habitable Space in Academia.