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Making Online News- Volume 2

Newsroom Ethnographies in the Second Decade of Internet Journalism


David Domingo and Chris Paterson

Online journalism has taken center stage in debates about the future of news. Instead of speculating, this volume offers rich empirical evidence about actual developments in online newsrooms. The authors use ethnographic methodologies to provide a vivid, close analysis of processes like newsroom integration, the transition of newspaper and radio journalists to digital multimedia production, the management of user-generated content, the coverage of electoral campaigns, the pressure of marketing logics, the relationship with bloggers or the redefinition of news genres. This second volume of Making Online News presents twelve all-new case studies of newsrooms around the world, including the United States of America, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Zimbabwe and Malaysia.
Contents: Chris Paterson/David Domingo: Preface: A Pedagogy of Online News Sociology: Teaching with Making Online News – David Domingo: Introduction: The Centrality of Online Journalism Today (and Tomorrow) – Steve Paulussen/Davy Geens/Kristel Vandenbrande: Fostering a Culture of Collaboration: Organizational Challenges of Newsroom Innovation – Anja Bechmann: Closer Apart? The Networks of Cross-Media News Production – Sue Robinson: «Beaming up» Traditional Journalists: The Transition of an American Newspaper into Cyberspace – Nikki Usher: Redefining Public Radio: Marketplace in the Digital Age – Hayes Mawindi Mabweazara: The Internet in the Print Newsroom: Trends, Practices and Emerging Cultures in Zimbabwe – Jannie Møller Hartley: Routinizing Breaking News: Categories and Hierarchies In Danish Online Newsrooms – Steen Steensen: Making Online Features: How the Discursive Practice of an Online Newsroom Affects Genre Development – Brooke Van Dam: The Process of Covering the 2008 US Presidential Election at and – Andy Williams/Karin Wahl-Jorgensen/Claire Wardle: Studying User-Generated Content at the BBC: A Multi-Site Ethnography – Chris Paterson: Convergence in the News Wholesalers: Trends in International News Agencies – Amira Firdaus: A News Portal without a News Team: Journalistic and Marketing Logics at the Malaysian National News Agency – C.W. Anderson: Blowing up the Newsroom: Ethnography in the Age of Distributed Journalism – Pablo J. Boczkowski: Epilogue: Future Avenues for Research on Online News Production.