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Queer Girls in Class

Lesbian Teachers and Students Tell Their Classroom Stories


Lori Horvitz

Queer Girls in Class:. is a compilation of personal essays by lesbian teachers and students who speak about sexual identity and its influence on the teaching and learning process. The mission of this anthology is to provide, through personal stories, an analysis of how sexuality – specifically, how identifying as a queer woman – can affect classroom dynamics in high school and university settings. Despite a perceived cultural acceptance of the GLBTQ community in the media, many gays and lesbians still suffer from their own internalized homophobia, as well as the homophobia of the outside world. These twenty-six essays give readers the opportunity to recognize, connect with, and critically think about the personal and political challenges and triumphs that queer women, whether out of the closet or not, have experienced in the classroom and beyond.
Contents: Lori Horvitz: Introduction – Carol Guess: Of Quarterbacks And Quarantine – Lee Ann Roripaugh: Personal, Political, Pedagogical, Performative, and Praxis: Queer in the Classroom - Five Not-So-Easy Pieces – Michelle Spiegel: The Personal as Productive?: Sexual Embodiment and Identity in the Women’s Studies Classroom – Stacy Fox: Dear Diary: A Narrative Journal of My First Years as a ‘Fag Teacher’ – Jennifer Smith: Hey Virginia: What’s the Writing on the Wall? – Sassafras Lowrey: From Classroom to Family – Maureen Seaton: The Queerosphere: Musings on Queer Studies and Creative Writing Classrooms (On Poetry, Creativity, and the Fleetingness of Things) – Liz Matelski: My Battle Armor – Laura M. André: We Weren’t Queer Yet – Jessica Gardner: Mr. Short Hair – Bonnie J. Morris: The Week Matthew Shepard Died – Sarah B. Burghauser: Learning to Be in a Skin – Kristie Soares: «Who Do I Have to Move On From This Place?» Meditations from a Third World Feminist Lesbian – Lori Horvitz: Transitions – Jules Odendaul-James: Dr. ‘Strange’love Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Loving (in) the Classroom Closet – Mara Hughes: Toward a Practice of Humility – Lissa Brown: A Teacher’s Lesson – Cynthia Tyler: Physical Education – B.J. Epstein: Teaching Out – Barbara DiBernard: «Imagine My Surprise!» Being Out as a Lesbian Teacher, 1990-2000 – Sandy Woodson: Definition – Anne Balay: Playing With Gender for College Credit: Experiencing Gender, Sex and Sexuality – Shannon Weber: What My Women’s College Taught Me About Being Enthusiastically Queer – Mary Clare Powell: Teacher Coming Out to Teachers – Anne Stebbins: Troubling the Coming-Out Discourse: The (Non) Outing of My Buzz Cut – Holly St. Jean: The Two-Step.