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Character and Moral Education

A Reader

Joseph L. DeVitis and Tianlong Yu

This book has received the AESA (American Educational Studies Association) Critics Choice Award 2012.
Against a formidable national discourse that emphasizes academic standardization, accountability, and high-stakes testing in educational policy, Character and Moral Education: A Reader seeks to re-introduce and revive the moral mission of education in public conversation and practices in America’s schools. With contributions from a prominent array of scholars and practitioners, the book critically analyzes moral education, broadly defined as both an academic field that attempts to develop moral human beings, and as a principled discourse aimed at creating ethical educational policies and practices.
With theoretical rigor and practical wisdom, this volume offers diverse and cutting-edge scholarship on character and moral education in 21st-century schools. This timely and important book will appeal to all those concerned with both the ethical well-being of today’s students, and the school’s responsibility to prepare individuals to lead moral lives in the future.
Contents: Joseph L. DeVitis/Tianlong Yu: Introduction – William J. Bennett/Edwin J. Delattre: Moral Education in the Schools – Edward A. Wynne: The Great Tradition in Education: Transmitting Moral Values – Thomas Lickona: Character Education: Seven Crucial Issues – Thomas Lickona/Eric Schaps/Catherine Lewis: Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education – Jacques S. Benninga/Marvin W. Berkowitz/Phyllis Kuehn/Karen Smith: Character and Academics: What Good Schools Do – David E. Purpel: The Politics of Character Education – Joseph L. DeVitis/Tianlong Yu: The «Moral Poverty» of Character Education – Aaron Cooley: Legislating Character: Moral Education in North Carolina’s Public Schools – Suzanne S. Hudd: Character Education in Contemporary America: McMorals? – Deron Boyles: Would You Like Values with That? Chick-fil-A and Character Education – Sue Winton: Does Character Education Really Support Citizenship Education? Examining the Claims of an Ontario Policy – Michael H. Romanowski: Through the Eyes of Students: High School Students’ Perspectives on Character Education – Alfie Kohn: How Not to Teach Values: A Critical Look at Character Education – Dwight Boyd: Character Education from the Left Field – John F. Covaleskie: Morality, Virtue, and Democratic Life – Daniel R. DeNicola: Liberal Education and Moral Education – Scott Fletcher/Peter J. Nelsen: Democracy in a Cosmopolitan Age: Moral Education for the Global Citizen – Douglas J. Simpson: Neo-Deweyan Moral Education – Ronald David Glass: Critical Pedagogy and Moral Education – Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon:Feminist Theory and Moral Education – Richard Ognibene: A Warrior for Justice: Jonathan Kozol’s Moral Vision of America’s Schools and Society – Linda Irwin-DeVitis: Framing Adolescents, Their School, and Cultures: Contested Worldviews – Lynda Stone: Fear of Uncertainty, Control, and the Criminalizing of Youth – Janie Victoria Ward: Navigating Inequities: A Morally Rooted Pedagogy of Intentional Mentoring With Black Children and Other Youth of Color – Jennifer Logue: Cultural and Subjective Operations of Ignorance and Resistance in Sexuality-Related Curricula – Barbara Stengel: Feelings of Worth and the Moral Made Visible – Nel Noddings: Teaching Themes of Care – Marcia Peck: Surveying the Soil: Building a Culture of Connectedness in School – Susan Verducci/Michael Katz: Doubt and the Framing of Virtue Through Film – Cris Toffolo/Ian Harris: On the Relationship of Peace Education to Moral Education – Michael P. Mueller/Dana L. Zeidler/Lynda L. Jenkins: Earth’s Role in Ethical Discourse and Functional Scientific Literacy – Nel Noddings: Understanding Unbelief as Part of Religious Education – Daniel Vokey: Moral Education for the 21st Century: A Buddhist View.