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Teaching about Frederick Douglass

A Resource Guide for Teachers of Cultural Diversity


Maria Sanelli and Louis Rodriquez

Teaching about Frederick Douglass will stimulate conversation among liberal arts and education professionals as well as inform public school teachers about the life and times of Frederick Douglass. Tension exists at many institutions of higher education between liberal arts faculties who do not completely understand the function of education professors and school of education faculties who feel that there is a misunderstanding about what a teacher candidate needs to learn before entering the teaching profession. This book facilitates conversation, addressing the liberal arts professor’s concern with content and the education professor’s concern with pedagogy. By providing both current scholarship and lesson plans for elementary, middle school, and secondary school classes, this book serves as a vital resource for scholars on multicultural issues and provides classroom ideas for public school teachers.
Contents: Ellesia Blaque: Black Ink: Writing Black Power with the Words of David Walker, Ida B. Wells, and Malcolm X – Marietta Dooley/Louis Rodriquez: Frederick Douglass, Digital Initiatives, and the Democratization of Research – Linda McMillan/MaryAnn O’Neil: Literacy and Social Equity – Randy Kaplan: Of Swimming, Computers, and Race: Lessons Learned from the History of Swimming and the Relevance to Computing and Computer Science – Meredith Holladay: Religion, Race, and American History – C. James Trotman: Frederick Douglass’s Spirituality – Louis Rodriquez: Frederick Douglass and Latino Immigration – S. Pascale Dewey: Aspects of Sisterhood and Slavery: Transatlantic Anti-slavery Activism and Women’s Rights – Denise Darrah: Frederick Douglass, Supporter of Equal Rights for All People – Carol Watson: Linguistics and Social Justice in Public Schools – Maria Sanelli/Nathaniel Williams: Frederick Douglass: Words of Wisdom for All Centuries.